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"Ince..? Do you have the time for a little chat?"



Needless to say, the hybrid was surprised by the redheads sudden wish for conversation, and, smiling nervously, he nodded, “S-sure Inez…what did you want to talk about?”

 ”Oh yes.. Yes everything is quite alright,” the grim reaper piped up with some surprise, though, she offered a small smile in an attempt to comfort his clear concern that was plastered over the young man’s face ; no doubt predicting something foul. “I wouldn’t take you for a walk if something horrid had happened.”

 Beginning this walk which she had proposed, she kept the pace slow but steady, perfect for casual motion but not at all enough to break any sort of sweat even if they spent an hour in motion. As she did, her mind reeled with memories not unlike the cinematic records she viewed near daily, but this was her own and it seemed like so long ago since she dared to venture back to the days of Gwendal’s early childhood. The lovely feeling of two children nestled into her then only one which soon turned to none as she wished for him only safety, a plan which did not involve her.

 Then, there were nights where not only Gwendal but a small friend at times sneaked into her bed for a variety of reasons ; storms, loneliness, nightmares. And in their anxiety was her comfort, and in her comfort came their’s. The familiar feeling of two.. Inez cast a sideways glance at Ince with a sigh escaping through her nostrils.

 When Ince and her son had become more intimate.. It all had changed horribly, A tiny tot had turned into a fiend hellbent on ruining her son and a selfish ambition she had shoved onto the redhead with the excuse of ‘I want better for you than I got’. But it was more than time to make amends for her assumptions, and Inez was becoming painfully aware that she was unfashionably late to that realization.

 ”I just want to talk with you and say a few things..” She trailed off briefly before continuing, “What.. What sort of future do you want? With Gwen, I mean.”

Shoulders visibly relaxing as the older woman reassured him that nothing was amiss, and that no bad news would be shared on their little walk, the hybrid breathed a small sight of relief, “Good.” he said softly, flashing a small smile at the other, though it still held the nervousness that always seemed to be present.

As they began their walk, Ince easily fell into match the older woman;s stride, keeping himself barely a pace behind, gladly allowing her to lead. His gaze remained fixed to the pavement as they casually moved through the streets, force of habit leaving him to fidget with the edges of his sleeves. A moment of silence had fallen between them, though strangely, it was not uncomfortable as it might have been on days previous to this, and Ince, though anxiety caused his heart to flutter in his chest, might even say he was enjoying it.

How long had it been since the two had shared any sort of pleasant moment, the kind that was not interrupted by deathly glares of snide remarks- surely not since the days when he’d been small, back Inez’s presence had been as comforting as that of a mothers.

Her voice quickly brought back Ince’s thoughts from the warm memories that still swelled within his mind, large blue eyes turning, finally, up from the pavement to briefly meet her gaze. The question caught the halfbreed off guard, and as brows knitted together, Ince again averted his gaze, though this time in thought. “I…I’m not really sure.” he said after a moment.

Strangely enough, it was a question Ince had rarely considered, though not because he could not imagine a future with his most beloved, but rather, there was no future he could ever imagine in which Gwendal would not be there.

"I mean…Of course I want us to be happy…I want to provide for Gwen, to protect and take care of him." he continued after a few quiet moments, "But…that almost makes it sound like I only want to be with Gwendal when things are good..and that’s not true….In the end, so long as we’re together the future doesn’t matter, because I know that whatever happens…be it good or bad, we can make it work." he said, voice holding an uncharacteristic bit of confidence, his absolute, undying love for the reapers son perhaps the only thing the halfbreed had ever considering something to be proud of. "I just want to be with him, no matter what." 

What now? (tinyforksandknives)


Why hadn’t he been more careful? Why hadn’t he been more aware? Why hadn’t he picked up on something being wrong before the bleeding had started? Why did everything go so smoothly until it was too late.

Second trimester, he’d eased off, relaxed, assumed they’d gotten past the more dangerous months. He thought they were safe.

And then came the blood, and the rush to the hospital, and the treatments and waiting and hoping that everything would even out. It did, for a little while, and Gwendal had been prepared to spend the rest of the pregnancy laying as still as possible in a hospital bed, if that’s what it took to get this baby to as close to full term as possible.

Fate gave him another week of hoping before he woke to increasingly painful cramps and a growing wetness between his legs. Nothing had been able to stop it this time. Their baby was gone before it truly had the chance to even begin its life, and all their parents could do was grasp at straws to try to cope with the loss.

Gwen hadn’t managed to gather the drive to get out of bed since coming home. He’d burrowed under the covers and stayed there, more often than not simply staring at the opposite wall, constantly on the verge of tears. He’d barely ate anything, and still couldn’t decide between not wanting to be touched and wanting to be held and reassured that the death wasn’t his fault, that neither of them couldn’t have done anything to stop what had happened.

It was terrifying, the way things could so easily and quickly crumble, how one, happy moment could be snatched away by the slightest change. The pregnancy had been like all the others, maybe even easier considering it was only one baby rather than another set of twins. There had been the same anxious excitment, the same nights spend playfully trying to guess names and genders, all the things that were good and perfect about preparing to welcome another baby into the world.

But then, all at once it changed. He’d never forget the panic in Gwendals voice when he called him into he bathroom, or his own fear at seeing his  most beloved bleeding. Or the waiting once they’d reached the hospital, forced to wait in the hall while the doctors did what they could to try and fix whatever had gone wrong.

But in the end, they couldn’t. Even after a week of endless waiting, hoping that they could again return to their home, and again discuss names and plans, and be excited together. By the end of the week its already too late, their baby was already gone. And their world seemed to crumble.

Three days had passed since then, and still the wounds from the loss were raw. Gwen had hardly moved since arriving home, and Ince, unsure of what to do or how to comfort him, felt powerless. The few hours of sleep the hybrid had managed to catch since coming home had offered no rest from the tormenting grief, and instead only plagued him with the images of the woman who haunted him- only now she carried a tiny bundle in her arms.

Now, the hybrid sat at the kitchen table, cradling his head in his hands as he stared blankly into the wood. Perhaps he may have dozed of had it not been for the sound of a pot boiling over that managed to shake him from his daze, and, jolting from his chair he quickly moved to remove the pot from the burner. Though again, it seemed he was a tad to late. Sighing, the half-demon looked down at the attempted, and failed, batch of soup, which now resembled only a bit of hot broth with chunks of burnt veggies. Frowning, Ince set the pot in the sink, feeling slightly discouraged as he instead opted to make a simple sandwich. In the end, Gwen eating something was better than nothing. 

A few moments later Ince headed for their bedroom- trying to keep his thoughts from traveling anywhere dark so he could better comfort his lover. Or at least try to. “Gwen?” he said softly as he entered the room, his heart nearly breaking at the sight of the other male so broken. “You need to eat something, Love.” he continued, moving to kneel beside the bed, reaching out to gently brush some of his lovers red hair from his face after setting the place down on the night stand. “Please…please try and eat.” 

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